Nano-aerogel felt is a kind of nano-porous light material with controllable structure. It has nano-structure (1-100 nm of pore and l-20 nm of skeleton particle) , large surface area (up to 800-1000m2/g) , high porosity (up to 80% -99.8%) and so on. Nano-si0. The unique structural characteristics of aerogels make aerogels have fantastic properties in thermal, electrical, acoustic, optical and so on. The thermal conductivity of the nano-aerogel mat can reach below 0.013 W/(M.K) , the thermal conductivity of air is 0.025 W/(M.K) , it is one of all solid materials with good heat insulation performance, and low density, waterproof and flame retardant, green environmental protection, anti-acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, not easy to aging, long service life, because of its high added value, it is called super insulation material because of its unique properties, which make it have great potential in many fields, for example, building energy conservation, energy, environmental protection, aerospace, oil pipelines, solar heat collection, furnace insulation and other fields.


The main characteristics of nano aerogel felt are as follows:
1. Superior thermal insulation performance
Due to the nano pore super thermal insulation performance of nano gel felt, the total thermal conductivity of nano gel felt powder is less than 0.015W/(m.K), the total thermal conductivity of block is less than 0.013W/(m.K), the total thermal conductivity of powder is less than 0.003W/(m.K), and the total thermal conductivity of block is less than 0.007W/(m.K) under normal temperature and pressure, making it one of the materials with the lowest thermal conductivity in the field of high-temperature insulation in the world at present.
2. Unique flame resistance
Nano-sio_2 aerogel is nonflammable and has unique flame burn through resistance, which can withstand direct flame burning for a long time. It does not release harmful substances in high temperatures or fires, and can effectively block the spread of fire, providing more valuable time for fire escape.
3. Good thermal stability
The thermal stability temperature of nano Si0 aerogel is as high as 600 ℃ (porosity decreases above 700 ℃ until sintered into dense SiO2), and it has super hydrophobicity when used below 300 ℃.
4. Excellent sound insulation
Nano aerogel felt also has very low density, low sound transmission speed, low dielectric constant, high porosity, high specific surface area and other excellent energy reduction properties. It is expected to become an environmentally friendly, efficient, heat and sound insulation lightweight building material with excellent heat and sound insulation performance, and has a wide and potential application value in the field of building energy conservation.
5. Good light transmittance
The nano aerogel felt also has light transmittance, which can effectively pass through visible light, and can also effectively block infrared radiation. Therefore, when used in buildings, daylighting and energy conservation can be well considered.
6. Good chemical stability and environmental protection
The main component of nano aerogel felt is synthetic SiO2, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It can withstand the acid-base environment of human parts except hydrofluoric acid for a long time, and does not decompose or deteriorate. It has an extremely long life under the normal use environment. It is moisture-proof, mildew proof, fungus proof, UV resistant, and overall hydrophobic. It will not cause deformation, and has excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation performance. It can be developed into a good fully recyclable ecological building material.