Ceramic fiber board is suitable for high-temperature fields that have higher rigidity requirements for products, but sometimes there will be some yellowing phenomenon, which actually has a relative impact on our use, not only affects the aesthetics, but also its appearance. The effect of use will also be somewhat affected, so what are the reasons for it to turn yellow? The following mainly introduces the reasons for it.

1. The yellowing of ceramic fiber board is mainly caused by the crosslinking agent and tackifier in the neutral glue. The reason is that these two raw materials have “amine groups”, and the amine groups are more likely to cause yellowing. Many brands of The glass glue also has the phenomenon of yellowing.

2. If the external neutral transparent glue is used together with the acid glass glue, it may cause the neutral glue to turn yellow after curing.

3. It may be caused by the long storage time of the glue or the reaction between the glue and the substrate.


The reason for the yellowing of ceramic fiberboard may be caused by the raw materials in the neutral glue, or it may be caused by improper use and storage, but in the final analysis, no matter what it is, we all need good maintenance and timely treatment.