Features of high silicon oxide cloth:
1. The long-term use temperature is below 1000 degrees, and it is resistant to high temperature and does not burn.
2. Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, resistance to ultra-high temperature heat flow and heat radiation.
3. Good chemical stability, strong corrosion resistance, and inert to most chemicals.
4. Good electrical insulation properties.
5. Low thermal shrinkage.
6. Good processing performance.
7. Good flexibility, can be compounded with various compounds.


Where can high silica cloth be used.
High silica cloth is a high temperature resistant inorganic fiber material. Products are widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, fire protection and other industrial fields such as aerospace, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, fire protection and so on. Non-combustible. High temperature resistance (500~1700 degrees). Tight structure. No irritation. Soft and durable texture.
Convenient for wrapping objects and equipment with uneven appearance. High silicon oxide cloth can well maintain objects away from hot spots and spark areas, and completely prevent incineration or isolation incineration. Suitable for sparks such as welding. Fire-prone and resistant to spark splashes. slag. Welding spatter, etc.
Isolate the workplace. Isolate the working layer to eliminate the possible fire hazard during welding operations; it can also be used to isolate light to jointly establish a safe, clean and standardized working space. High silica cloth can be made into fire blanket, which is an ambitious protective tool for key units of public security fire safety.
Hot construction (such as welding, cutting, etc.) is carried out in public entertainment places such as large shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels, etc. The use of fire blankets can directly reduce spark splashes, isolate and block flammable and explosive dangerous goods, and ensure the integrity of people’s lives and industries.
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