Through the recent return visit to customers, we found that although there are instructions, some people still don’t know much about the aluminum silicate ceramic fiber module, ignore some places that should be paid attention to, and can’t give full play to the full performance of the aluminum silicate ceramic fiber module. Today, I’ll discuss the aluminum silicate ceramic fiber module with you again, I hope I can help you.


1. After the aluminum silicate ceramic fiber module is installed, cut the packing belt, and the width direction can be tightly squeezed together due to fiber expansion. In the length direction, in order to compensate the gap caused by fiber shrinkage after heating, the ceramic fiber blanket needs to be folded into the same thickness as the module and filled between the two rows of modules up the length of the module to achieve better sealing effect.
2. After all aluminum silicate ceramic fiber modules are installed, cut the packing belt, take out the splint, and gently tap the module surface to repair it.
3. In order to prolong the service life of the module and improve the wind erosion resistance of the ceramic fiber, after the module is installed, the high-temperature curing agent shall be sprayed on the fiber surface, which can be sprayed with a spray pot and brush, with an amount of about 1.5kg/m2.

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