Ceramic fiber blanket layer paving structure, ceramic fiber blanket with different temperature grade, density and thickness can be selected according to different working temperatures of each blanket layer, with flexible material selection and high cost performance; The layered structure makes the fiber direction parallel to the heat transfer direction of the furnace wall, has good heat insulation performance of the furnace lining, and greatly reduces the heat dissipation loss.


1. For the ceramic fiber blanket structure, trial arrangement shall be carried out before construction; During construction, the upper and lower layers of ceramic fiber blanket shall be laid in staggered joints, and the layers shall be pasted firmly.
2. Provisions on alumina content of ceramic fiber blanket; 1050 ordinary Al2O3 content shall not be less than 45%; The content of standard alumina is 46%; The content of high purity alumina is 47%; The content of high alumina alumina is 52% – 55%.
3. The thickness of ceramic fiber furnace lining shall meet the thermal insulation design requirements. Measurement method: record the length and width after measurement, and mark nine measurement points. When measuring, place the disc of the needle type thickness gauge horizontally on the sample, align the disc hole with the measuring point, and carefully insert the needle tip of the vernier into the disc hole. When the needle tip contacts the sample, gently press the vernier to make the needle tip penetrate the sample and touch the glass plate to read the thickness.
4. After the installation of ceramic fiber blanket furnace lining, the fiber surface shall be flat, beautiful and compacted. The uneven part shall be flattened with splint; Large gaps are filled with ceramic fiber blanket cotton to ensure good sealing performance of fiber furnace lining.

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