Many users find that with the extension of the use time, there are more and more problems of aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard, and it is becoming more and more difficult to solve. For example, the preparation problems they encounter during use have brought them I don’t know how to solve the problem, so I came to us for help. Today, the editor will discuss the part of the knowledge about this aspect with you, hoping to inspire and help our customers and friends, so that everyone has a deeper understanding of aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard.


Take aluminum silicate fibers, add inorganic binders, organic binders and additives, and carry out sufficient mixing, mixing and pulping. Then choose mechanical kneading molding method or manual molding to produce clothing blanks, and the monotony of 100—150 ℃ Disposal, remove moisture, and promote the gelation and hardening of the internal bonding agent of the product to reach the required hardness. The monotonous products are cut, ground and drilled by mechanical equipment for further deep processing.

Aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard can use aluminum silicate fibers with different applicable temperatures; the organic binder can be one or more of polyacrylamide, cationic starch or methyl fiber; the inorganic binder is cement , Silica sol, aluminum sol, or a mixture of one or more of sodium silicate; the additive can be one or more of a mixture of silica powder, expanded silica powder, expanded perlite powder or silica powder .

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