Ceramic fiber products are mostly used in aerospace, aviation, petrochemical and other fields. It is not as common as some non household daily necessities. Therefore, many people have no way to start when choosing ceramic fiber. They don’t know how to choose ceramic fiber products with appropriate quality. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the selection methods and precautions of ceramic fiber products, I hope it will help you.

1、 Selection method of ceramic fiber products
1. Look at your own needs
(1) Specify the direction of use. Ceramic fiber has good properties of fire resistance, heat preservation, heat insulation and sound absorption. First of all, it should have a clear direction. For example, for thermal insulation and sound absorption purposes, low-grade ceramic fiber blanket or fiber cotton can be selected; For fire resistance and heat insulation purposes, fiberboard and module of corresponding grade shall be selected according to the working temperature of the application environment; Ceramic fiber textiles and other derivative products can be selected for high temperature protection and fire prevention.
(2) Combined with the application environment. Generally speaking, the high-temperature furnace with large and regular space generally adopts the combined structure of ceramic fiber module and blanket. There is a ceramic fiber fire baffle in contact with open fire. When the space is irregular, flexible ceramic fiber blanket and fiber cloth can be used. The narrow gap can be filled with ceramic fiber cotton. The burner and electric heating wire furnace can customize ceramic fiber special-shaped parts.
2. Look at the ceramic fiber itself
(1) Fire resistance temperature. Refractory temperature is the basic basis for the selection of ceramic fiber. According to the temperature, ceramic fiber products can be divided into six grades: ordinary (850 ° C), standard (950 ° C), high purity (1050 ° C), high aluminum (1150 ° C), low zirconium (1200 ° C) and zirconium containing (1260 ° C). In short, it is right to adhere to the material selection principle of rather high than low.
(2) Color. Whether the color is pure white is an unwritten standard to judge the quality of ceramic fiber. The saying that “the whiter the color, the better the quality” spread in the kiln circle is still reasonable. Generally speaking, the higher the purity of alumina in ceramic fiber and the less impurities, the whiter the color. Compared with the fiber blanket above the standard type, the ordinary ceramic fiber blanket is dark yellow. The higher the grade, the whiter the color.
(3) Slag ball quality. Slag ball content is an important index to judge the quality of ceramic fiber. Slag ball is the crystalline micro slag ball contained in the ceramic fiber, which is the crystal produced by incomplete fibrosis. Too much slag ball content will increase the thermal conductivity and reduce the thermal insulation performance of ceramic fiber. Therefore, the less slag ball content, the better product quality.
3. Depending on the manufacturer’s professionalism
(1) Look at the size of the manufacturer. According to the logic of choosing food, it is safer and safer to buy food produced by large manufacturers. It is also used on ceramic fiber products. When purchasing, you can tend to choose large-scale manufacturers. These manufacturers are willing to produce large-scale products and spend more energy on products. They are also relatively reliable.
(2) Look at customer comments. Before purchasing, you can look at other peers who have purchased this product and see what the supplier or manufacturer is in their mouth. At this time, it is a relatively fast and intuitive way to understand the manufacturer’s professionalism.
(3) Look at after-sales service. Like other products, ceramic fiber products have a lot of matters to pay attention to after purchase, such as use and installation. Therefore, when choosing, we should pay attention to the manufacturer’s after-sales service and see their attitude and behavior towards customers after purchase, so as to ensure that some of our problems after purchase can be solved by someone.
2、 Selection considerations
1. Grasp the price scale
In a word, expensive things have no other problems except expensive, and cheap things are all problems except cheap. Remind friends not to lose big for small. Of course, high quality and low price are not absent. We should comprehensively consider the product quality and price when purchasing.
2. Some businesses shoddy
Some businesses only care about their own interests and ignore the user experience. In order to reduce the production cost, they add substandard products to some good products, so that they will not be found when users buy in batches. We must pay attention to this problem, especially when the purchase volume is large, we should carefully accept the product quality. Once there is a problem, Timely communicate with merchants to exchange or return goods.
3. Don’t choose blindly
No matter the appropriate suppliers of ceramic fiber products, they should pay attention not to choose blindly, compare the goods with three suppliers, and eliminate the advantages and disadvantages, especially in terms of quality and after-sales mentioned above.

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