Through the recent investigation and return visit to customers, we found that many customers do not understand ceramic fiberboard very well. We hope the manufacturer can explain it further. Today, Xiaobian will share the relevant information with you, hoping to enlighten and help you.


Ceramic fiber board is made of ceramic fiber as raw material and vacuum forming. Its strength is higher than that of fiber blanket and vacuum forming felt. How to preserve ceramic fiberboard is the most concerned problem of manufacturers. As a well-known manufacturer of ceramic fiberboard, our company gives you the following suggestions. The specific contents are as follows.
When the ceramic fiber meets water, it forms a mass, while the hardness of the ceramic fiber board immediately decreases. Therefore, how to prevent water during storage will be very important.
1. First, the storage environment should be dry, anhydrous and non humid;
2. When stored in rainy days, the building shall be free from water leakage and seepage and keep the indoor environment dry;
3. For indoor storage, the tray should be placed on the ground, and the ceramic fiber board should be placed on the tray. It is forbidden to touch the ground and stored at least 20mm away from the ground. This is because the ceramic fiberboard uses waterproof plastic film inside and cartons outside.
4. In the rainy season, the ceramic fiberboard should be covered with waterproof canvas and pay attention to the water seepage of the wall. If it is an iron house, it should pay attention to the water leakage.
The most important thing is waterproof, which is the experience and lessons we have learned from the above. We have a certain understanding of how to preserve ceramic fiberboard. If the manufacturer strictly requires the staff on its basis, the benefits will be unexpected.

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